Declutter your work life.

My approach to cleaning up your career is not about organizing your desk. It goes way deeper, tapping into your mindset, career strategy, and daily habits to transform the way you work (and play). You’ll emerge calmer, more confident, and happier - and you’ll also experience unparalleled success. Resetting your frame of mind and honing in on your unique niche and brand will give you the autonomy, freedom, and control you need to take the shortcut to the top.    



I offer career coaching for executives and professionals in private videoconference sessions and via a group program.

To learn more about the group program, click here.

If you’re interested in individual guidance or need help determining which is the best investment for you and your career, set up a discovery call where we can see if we’re a fit and what type of coaching will be most beneficial for you.



The Clean Career Masterclass
Six week course via video module plus one personal coaching call and lifetime access to a private Facebook group. The Masterclass guides you through a transformative process of assessing your career direction and formulating a plan and techniques to streamline your efforts and hone in on your unique assets to springboard you towards getting to your goals by working smarter, not harder.

Individual Career Coaching
Custom packages upon consult. Best for those who already have at least a high-level awareness of where their career is creating dissonance with their values and goals. We can get granular on specific issues like procrastination, self-sabotage, or conquering fears and impostor syndrome; or we can do an in-depth exploration of shifting your career focus to help you operate more authentically and in alignment.