About me


I'm Amy Bowen, and I'm the creator of The Clean Career. I'm a former partner at a national law firm. In 2017, I moved on to the next phase of my career running a high-end boutique legal practice. But along the way, I discovered that my real passion lies in helping other women navigate their careers to find the simple path to success. To ditch the overwhelm and the cyclical negative thinking. To live fully present lives where their authenticity can shine. 

High-stakes professional careers can be really tough to navigate, especially for women. But so many of us are hesitant to get support. We don't want to appear weak. We like to think we can solve any problem independently. Or we never truly consider the benefits of a perspective beyond our own. The Clean Career is intended to guide you through a transformation where you'll step into a more powerful, more authentic, and happier version of yourself - and heightened success in your career is a pretty nice byproduct of that transformation. 

In short, my philosophy is pretty simple. Life is too short to be miserable. Life is too short to hold yourself back from achieving everything you desire. No matter how tough things might be in your profession, if you come at it from the right perspective, you have SO much going for you: amazing opportunities to make a great living, achieve more autonomy than you've able to effectuate before, and do good in this world. 

More on The Clean Career philosophy

The Clean Career takes a holistic approach to addressing your career and life challenges. You MUST live in authenticity at all times rather than attempt to compartmentalize various aspects of your life. That means showing up as you - the one and only you - wherever you go and whatever you do. And that’s where the success you’ve worked so hard for will originate - because nobody else can duplicate what YOU have to offer!

The Clean Career is framed in relation to the minimalism that has invaded pop culture in recent years. In full transparency, it’s a great way to get your attention, but that’s not why I chose to use this analogy. The reason minimalism is garnering so much attention right now is because IT WORKS. If cleaning out your closet - where you spend about ten minutes of your day - can change your life, just think how powerful the principles of minimalism can be when applied to your career - where you spend more time than anywhere else!

Making this type of transformation in your career is NOT about cleaning your desk or organizing your filing cabinet (although if you need to do those things, it’s a good starting point!). It’s about clearing your mind, your energy, your strategy, your approach, your goals, and your daily actions. It can’t be accomplished in a weekend. It requires deep mindset work, thorough guidance that can’t be conveyed through a short instruction book, practice, and support. But if you have even a basic understanding of the minimalism trend, you can already see the possibilities for the amazing impact this approach can have on your career AND life.

Why the focus on women?

Whether we like it or not, gender dynamics still play a huge part in the experiences women have in professional settings. I care deeply about empowering women, working to reduce bias and discrimination, and achieving parity in terms of pay and promotions. Although the tone of my writing and coaching is positive, I don't sugarcoat or rugsweep the challenges professional women face in today's world. If we ignore the bad and focus solely on the good, we'll never make the progress that is necessary for women. But I believe that for each individual, a positive overall outlook is essential.

But effectuating change on the "big issues" is a slow process, and if you spend too much of your time and energy letting negative emotions dominate your life, your career will be over by the time you see the real tangible results of today's pushes to make the professional world a better place for women. Which brings me back to this: Life is short. A career is short. Don't spend yours in misery or even in mediocrity. Let's push for progress, but it's WAY easier to effectuate an individual transformation than a global one. And by improving your own situation, you'll be helping pave the way for the broader positive changes to come.